Physical Therapy Software

Physical Therapy Software

- physical therapy software available for your contract home health therapy business

Physical Therapy Software Services

Physical Therapy Software is has built a software system to improve everyday practices in the field of physical, occupational & speech therapy. By utilizing our proven system you will be able to revolutionalize your area and dominate your competitors. When word gets out that you have a digital system in place, nursing companies will flock to send you referrals

Read below and discover some of the many aspects that our physical therapy software has to offer.

Digital POS Signature(s)

Paperless system which uses signatures obtained in the patients home using top level technology with laptops. This is for all home health PT/OT/ST documentation which is Medicare compliant and passed by Texas State, CHAPS and CARF inspections. This software provides the ability to co-sign notes as each record has assigned an evaluator and if applicable an assistant. The assistants’ notes go to the supervisors log for the co-signature and then move on to the nursing companies for printing. These documents are printable online by anyone you give access to.

Scheduling, Cert Periods, Frequency

Scheduling software which is tied directly to payroll and improves accountability. The software is set up with each companies Medicare week and any other data that is specific to them. We have frequency structure designed into the software to enable no mistakes with frequency and certification periods.

Administration Options, Total System Management

Administration control of nursing companies, therapists and doctors access and information. You can also manage different regions & including mapping for your therapist(s) coverage areas.

State-of-the-Art Tablet PC(s) & Technology

We use laptops that the screen folds down and turns into a simulated document which is sign-able. We have the ability to turn your home computer mouse into a pen so you can co-sign notes from anywhere if you don't have your laptop available. (DTS leases these or you have the option to purchase. If you lease you have full tech support and if you purchase your own, then no hardware tech support is available).

Integrated Invoicing & Payroll

Payroll software for your contractors or employees is tied directly to billing software allowing you to have invoice totals at your fingertips.

Nursing Company Login, Password Protected

Nursing companies sign in with their personal password to send you new referrals. This reduces errors and ensures you get the data you need to do a good evaluation. They have a custom web page specifically for nursing companies and allow their system to keep data separate from other agencies. This also provides them with a printable confirmation page and allows them to view many different aspects of the service you provide.

The features and benefits of physical therapy software will make your life easier.