Physical Therapy Software

Physical Therapy Software

- physical therapy software available for your contract home health therapy business

Do You Need Physical Therapy Software?

When it comes to contract home health therapy software, no one provides the tools needed more than Physical Therapy Software’s online solution. We pride ourselves in our software’s reliability, reproducibility and awesome paperless system with the full line of administrative tools for payroll and billing.

The following are some of the features we offer for our Physical Therapy Software:

Physical Therapy Software Features

Discipline Specific Documentation

With Physical Therapy Software’s online software solution you will be able to complete initial evaluations, varying by the discipline needed. Whether it is Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy - you will be able to submit paperwork specific to that discipline.

Digital Documentation on Location

Physical Therapy Software’s online software solution allows the therapist or therapist assistant to complete electronic documentation on location. Upon completion of the documentation, both therapist & patient are able to sign the document digitally. All documentation will then be transferred to the main server - allowing anyone associated with the patient (doctors, nurses & therapists) the ability to print the document.

Scheduling, Payroll & Accounting

Our home health therapy documentation software allows dynamic scheduling that is directly tied to accounting & payroll to ensure accurate numbers come invoicing time and/or end of pay periods. This does away with the questions & problems with numbers not matching up.

Physical Therapy Software is the de facto standard for therapy software.